It's our business to support your business


Extend your internal Call Center

Your culture becomes our culture. When you need a dedicated outsourced call center focused entirely on serving you, Ameridial is your call center partner of choice. Every caller speaks to a representative immersed in your company or organization, from scripting, quality assurance and call handling processes... to your own logos and apparel.


Leverage our expertise in multiple industries

An outsourced call center since 1987, as we expand our range of industries, we build our knowledge base – and you reap the rewards. We share best practices across industries… in healthcare, retail, catalog and consumer products, education, financial services, wireless, cable and broadband communications and more.


Gain a flexible call center partner, ready when you need us

Outsourced call center needs can change when the seasons change or when disaster strikes. An Ameridial "flex team" steps in when your demand for contact center services is high, when your in-house call center goes down, is overloaded or needs disaster recovery support.


Let us generate leads – while you get the sale

Focus on your core business and hire the experts to get the full value of telephone marketing. We have a reputation for generating qualified leads that turn into solid sales. We've got the process down to a science as we apply lessons learned across various industries.


Advanced voice and data integration made easy

Ameridial's IT staff has seamlessly integrated our advanced technology platform with dozens of different voice and data platforms.  We will present the best voice and data integration solution with your systems based on extensive real-world experience.



Healthcare industry leaders trust our experienced executives to provide Membership Management Excellence.  Ameridial supports healthcare clients with highly trained professional experts in all aspects of member support -- including benefit explanation, claims processing and adjudication, provider locator services, and open enrollment support.  Our healthcare clients will tell you: we support their membership with the same quality, service, excellence and commitment they demand from their own in-house centers.


Commercial Businesses

With deep domain experience in multiple industries, Ameridial helps you acquire new customers and improve customer retention.  Our management staff shares the wisdom gained in years of vertical market experience, from financial services and education to utilities and consumer products.  We learn your business and then we do what we do best – generate quality leads on the phone.  Our commercial business clients return year after year because we are telephone marketing experts.


We always look to partner with service bureaus we can build relationships with in the hopes they become an extension of our team as well as a trusted partner. Our challenge is finding ones that are comfortable working with an agency that understands their business from the inside out. And of course, one who delivers exceptional results and customer experiences especially when a campaign hits tough times. Ameridial continues to excel for The RM Factory clients and we are happy to consider them one of the finest on-shore resources we can offer our clients.

Jeff Perlman
The RM Factory